The Electrical Engineering International Conference EEIC’19 
Bejaia, Algeria, 4-5 December 2019
The conference is organized by: 

   The Electrical Engineering International Conference EEIC’19 will be held in Bejaia-Algeria, and will be organized by the Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Technology, University Abderahmane MIRA of Bejaia (Algeria). The conference will provide a forum for researchers, academics, engineers and students to discuss research ideas and present the recent advances in electrical engineering and related topics.  

Brief about Bejaia City
Bejaia, located at 250 km in the east of Algiers, is city known by its rich history written by different civilizations it housed for centuries which had made it one of the most prosperous cities Mediterranean Sea. Capital of great Moslem dynasties the city was initially known in Europe by the quality of its made beeswax candles to which it gave its name "Bougie". Bejaia also played a significant role in the diffusion of the "Arab numerals" in Occident. It is significant industrial pole of the area, with a concentration of many industries and one of the largest ports in Algeria and a dynamic international airport. 
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