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Office of liaison between university and companies (BLEU)


In order to ensure a quality education for its students, our university offers practical trainings for students to allow them to consolidate their theoretical background acquired during their training courses. In this context and in close collaboration with training services of faculties, the main mission of this office of liaison between university and companies is firstly to establish relationships with different companies and organizations which expand in university environment, then, try to associate other companies on the national scale.

This dynamic of exchange between university and companies that our structure tries to create is very profitable since it offers for students the opportunity to put into practice the acquired knowledge during their studies and to develop professional and personal competences essential for their training. Internships allow companies to achieve some pending works because of lack of staff members.  Finally, these exchanges foster reconciliation between university and evolution environment of future graduates.


Professional internship

This is a practical training period that allows the student to complete its academic training trough a supervised professional experience. The theme of the internship is chosen by the student and agreed by his supervisor. The company could propose to the office of liaison a set of themes that deals with issues that could be resolved through end-of study dissertations and supervised by our teachers.     

Learning within the company could be done trough observing experienced people, exchange and participation to projects initiated by the company.


Objectives of professional internship

The part « internships » of the office of liaison between university and companies should meet the following objectives:

- Help the future graduate to consolidate his academic training by applying his knowledge of his course of study to study concrete issues within the company;

- Allow the future graduate to acquire a professional experience in his field of study;

- Allow the future graduate to develop his professional and personal competences and skills;

- Improve employability of future graduates;

- Help the office of liaison to get in touch with different companies in order to foster the bringing closer between university and industry sector.



We could not come to the part « internship » without the competition of different stakeholders, namely: university, companies and office of liaison between university and companies: 

The university: By the implementation of internships program that meets the students and companies needs and by endowing the office of liaison with material and human resources in order to carry out its mission ;

The company, by its adherence to the project and a commitment to host students who apply for internships in suitable conditions;

The office of liaison between university and companies, it will be the link between company and university, its main missions is:

- Promote the relationship between companies and university;

- Raise awareness of companies in order to deal with university;

- Develop networks of companies;

- Think of different forms of partnerships between university and companies.


Increase awarness of companies 

It is important to start a local and awareness work with companies in order to convince them to collaborate with university, therefore, one of the missions of the office of liaison between university and companies is to provide a win-win partnership with companies, or the company will find interest to join this approach.  

Opening university doors for companies by inviting their managers to participate to conferences can play in favor of this proximity.