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Office of liaison between university and companies (BLEU)


Alumni association

One of the main actions that we consider urgent is the creation of alumni association of Bejaia University (ADUB).

Why ? (objectives) : strengthen the tripartite: students-alumni-companies.

The association is a meeting point of all kind of information relating to its members and a starting point for information to their destination.

Ambitions assigned to this association :

- Maintain and strengthen bows of friendships and solidarity within and between generations 

- Help young graduates in professional integration

-Support the different employment assistance organizations  

- Participate to the development of trainings

- Organize meetings between students and alumni of the university trough an annual forum and more regular appointments.

- Follow the professional career of its members and facilitate job searching;

- Promote life and image of Bejaia University in the professional world.  



Main activities of this association :

Alumni directory : the Alumni directory will be available on the web site of the association. Anybody could consult the list of graduates. However, only the Alumni will be able to modify their personal and professional contact details in this online directory thanks to a user name and a pass word.  The payment of the annual membership fee allows consulting contact details and CV of all members.
Conferences and colloquia: the Alumni association of Bejaia University will regularly organize conferences on themes proposed by students, Alumni, teachers researchers or companies managers. The proposed subjects will be treated according to faculties… as many, varied and complex subjects show that the taught material in Bejaia University is very rich and the business activity carried out by Alumni is really varied.    


Students- Alumni forum: round tables, conference-debates, presentation of companies…

Participation to the graduation ceremony: the association will organize or take part, each year, in the graduation ceremony. 
Job offers: the posted job offers on the web site could be consulted by all dues paying members.  These job offers will be sorted out by date and specialty.
Newsletter: Alumni association will send regularly a newsletter by e-mail for the members wishing to be informed about the association and its members’ news (conferences, general assemblies, publications of the Alumni …) 
Organize a forum about companies and careers
partnership with recruiter: the recruiting companies and the companies wishing recruit online, could post their job offers or internship offers and consult the existing list of graduates in the directory.

Recruiters could have access to detailed information of the Alumni, provided that, they pay an annual membership fees including a lot of services: access to personal and professional contact details of Alumni, access to internships applications of students,  the free mailing of the paper-based directory, …etc.



Restrictions that could be aroused:

- Using the NTCI by adherents. 
- Management of the adherents number.
- Management of events.

Maintenance of the site and membership fees.