Center of printing and audiovisual


Center of printing and audiovisual (CIAV) is one of the common services of the university. It is composed of two sections:
- Service of printing
- Service of audiovisual.

Service of printing:




This service is one of the two sections of CIAV. It ensures the conception and printing of pedagogical and didactic documents and scientific publications (Posters, leaflets, invitations, certificates, business cards …etc) related to scientific and cultural events of the university. 

One of the important tasks of this center is the printing of a wide range of documents such as:

  •  Handouts,
  •  Administrative documents,
  •  Journals,
  •  Collection of different articles,
  •  Different letters.

The printing of the center is endowed of most modern materials, laser photocopiers of 75 copies a minute connected to the intranet network of the university, duplicators of 130 copies a minute, gluing equipments, binding machines...etc .


Service of Audiovisual:




This service is the second section of the CIAV. Its role is to ensure the technical support for recording didactic and pedagogical documents on all kinds of audiovisual means. An audiovisual recording of the scientific and cultural events of university and generating archives and make them accessible for all people on the WebTV of the university.

This service offers also to all faculties of the university the possibility to do some work sessions of audio and video recording within the studio and class sessions with video screening with a necessary technical assistance provided by technicians of the service.

Finally, the photo library of the university website is regularly updated and enriched with photos taken by the audiovisual service during different scientific events of university.