Presentation of the Vice Rectory

Vice Rectory of Higher Education, Undergraduate and Graduate Levels, Continuing Education and Degrees and Higher Education of Graduation 



The Vice Rectory has three (3) services:

    1. Service of teachings, trainings and assessment
    2. Service of continuing training
    3. Service of degrees and equivalences.

Its missions are as follows:  

  1. Follow up issues related to the progress of teachings and trainings that are organized by the university ;
  2. Ensure the coherence of training offers provided by faculties and institutes with the development plan of university ;
  3. Ensure compliance to applicable regulation in term of registration, reregistration, assessment and students progress ;  
  4. Follow up e-learning actions provided by university and promote continuing training activities ;
  5. Ensure compliance to applicable regulation in term of the award of degrees and equivalences;

Ensure the update of the personal data file for students.