Vice Rectory of Higher Education of Doctoral Level, of University Accreditation, Scientific Research and Higher Education and Post-Graduation , is composed of the following services:


Service of Post Graduation Education and Specialized Post Graduation Education

This service ensures :

       - The following up of training offers’ files (accreditation and renewal) in magister and PhD levels before and after survey;  

- The following up of entry exams to post-graduated education;  

- Registration and reregistration of students (an activity centralized in the Vice Rectory);

- Award of degrees (Magister, PhD);

- Authenticity of degrees and school certificates;

- Elaboration of  different  reports ;

- Elaboration of different canvas of statistics required by different authorities.


Service of University Accreditation  

This service ensures:

- Registration to university accreditation;

- Following up of university accreditation files; 

- Management of theses defense files and award of degrees of university accreditation.


Service of following research activities and valorization of its results  

This service ensures :

 - Following activities of research units and laboratories and valorizing their results;

 - Management of research projects (CNEPRU and PNR) as well as valorizing their results;

 - Elaboration of research certificates and authorizations;

 -Study files of promotion to the status of researcher ;   

 -Following the balance sheets of budgets of laboratories and research units ;  

 -Gather and publish information concerning research activities of university


The Vice Rectory is also in charge of following up the functioning of Scientific Committee of University and preservation of archives.

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