In accordance with the provisions of the executive decree n° 10-309 of December 5th 2010, amended and supplemented, defining the administrative organization of the rectory, the University Abderrahmane Mira- Bejaia has a Vice Rectory for External Exchanges, Cooperation, Animation, and Communication and Scientific Events. Its main mission is to apply and develop the international policy and the internationalization of the University of Bejaia.


The Vice Rectory for External Exchanges consists of tow services:



Service of Cooperation and Exchanges between Universities in charge of management and follow up of: 

    National and International Cooperation Agreements
     Joint supervision of doctorate theses
     European Programs (Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus + ...)
     Bilateral research projects (CMEP, CNRS, PHC Maghreb, PCIM…)
     Foreigner visits (hosting, Programs ...)
     Scholarships abroad (Erasmus Mundus, AUF, Islam Bank of Development (BID),...)
     Visa Files
     Partnership with the socio-economic sector  
     Support structures (CASAM, BLEU, House of Entrepreneurship, PAPS Office, …)


Service of Communication and Scientific Events in charge of: 

  Organization of scientific and technical events (Forum, Job fair …
  Drafting of the newsletter of the University  
  Dissemination of international information and news on the web site of the University

  Design of leaflets, brochures, posters, guides,… etc.
  Management of the scientific and technical events account  of the University.