Pr. Hachem SLIMANI

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Laboratoire de l’informatique Médicale
Faculté des Sciences Exactes

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Université de Bejaia, 06000 Bejaia, Algérie.




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Hachem Slimani currently serves as a Professor in Department of Computer Science, University of Bejaia, Algeria, and he is also the head of Laboratory of Medical Informatics (LIMED)  where he leads the "Graphs, Optimization, Big Data & Applications" team.  In addition to his teaching and research, he previously held several administrative responsibilities over 12 years at the University of Bejaia: Assistant of Head of Computer Science Department, Head of Operational Research Department, Head of Scientific Committee of Computer Science Department, and Responsible for Computer Science sector. He has been a reviewer for international journals, and he has served as a program committee member/session program chair of/at international conferences.His research interests include Graph Theory, Computer Networking, Trust Models, Big Data, Medical Image Analysis, Game Theory, Multiobjective Optimization, and Applications.